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"Blue Laser's been spotted at a local grocery store on double coupon day!"

In the Big Toon Shopping for Danger, released Tuesday, September 28, 2004, The Cheat Commandos rock, rock on in an adventure to stop Blue Laser from saving money on Double-Coupon Day. The scene first cuts to inside headquarters where Gunhaver is talking to Fightgar, Silent Rip, and Crackotage and Reynold joins them trying to fit in. Suddenly, a Blue Las-alert notifies that the Commandos that Blue Laser is at a grocery store trying saving money on Double-Coupon Day. Gunhaver fears the worst and theorizes that Blue Laser could use all the savings to make a button that will make it snow at the beach! The team mobilizes to infiltrate the grocery store but leave Reynold behind since he has no combat skills. Feeling left out, Reynold pretends to be a Cheat Commando and tries on all their gear, inlcuding Reinforcement's Justice Rocket Backpack Rocket Rocket, which suddenly activates. While the team is confronting Blue Laser and his minions, Silent Rip informs Gunhaver that the Cheat Commandos Headquarters playset is under attack! (more...) watch

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