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"What part of 'Meet us at The Stick' didn't he understand?"

In the Big Toon Where's The Cheat?, released Monday, February 25, 2002, Strong Bad and his posse (comprised of Pom Pom and Strong Mad) can't find The Cheat. Meanwhile, Homestar Runner makes Marzipan a sandwich, which she immediately falls in love with and names Homestar Jr. Strong Bad walks around town asking Coach Z, Bubs and even Strong Sad (who's playing Connect Four with Homsar) if they've seen The Cheat, but it seems that he is nowhere to be found. At this point even Strong Mad cries because he fears that he'll never see his buddy again. While Coach Z is asking The Poopsmith if he's seen The Cheat, they spot The King of Town preparing a nice steak with a The Cheat on the grill. Assuming the worst, Coach Z attacks The King of Town but their fight is broken up by Strong Bad who explains that the grill is really The Cheat's home. The toon is notable for being the first one to use the "modern" style of animation and for having appearances by all 12 main characters. watch (more...)

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