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Bad glasses, nice dress, suspect hygiene

The Ugly One (with the integral article "the") is the ugly-looking member of the Teen Girl Squad. Despite her ugliness, suspect hygiene and psoriasis, she seems to be better-liked within the Squad than What's Her Face. The Ugly One is portrayed as a mindless follower of Cheerleader, and appears both dimmer and slightly more eccentric than the other girls (one of her introductory lines describes her as being "actually crazy"). She is readily included in the Squad's Cheerleader-led activities, such as shopping, spring break vacation, and jumping into a lion's mouth. She is fond of school lunches, the popular yogurt topping jimmies, and has a crush on every boy. Despite the strength of her crushes, she has difficulty acting on them; in Teen Girl Squad Issue 5, she stuck her head in the sand rather than converse with the olda boys. (more...)

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