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"This'll grow ya some nice fishcorn bushes!"

In colonization, the 90th Strong Bad Email, released on Tuesday, November 25, 2003, Shana Ma. of Los Angeles, CA, asks Strong Bad if he either celebrates Thanksgiving like most people or if he has any traditions of when Strong Badia was first colonized. Strong Bad responds by recounting the history of Strong Badia, in which he is portrayed as a Pilgrim being persecuted by Strong Sad for putting ketchup on eggs. He and The Cheat then leave Free Country, USA for a new land behind the dumpsters, owned by Bubs, portrayed as a Native American, or as Strong Bad puts it, "a strange man who had strange ways and strange odors". Eventually, they celebrate Strong Badia's first Thanksgiving by sitting at a picnic table and eating some leftover burgers from Hardee's. (more...) watch

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