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"Oh, jeez. I'm just not cut out to say the word 'jaerb'."

In A Jorb Well Done, Coach Z becomes the laughingstock of Homestar Runner and his friends when they find out he can't say the word "job". Despite their amusement at his impediment, everyone rallies together to concoct elaborate cures for him. The drama heightens as everybody starts to wonder if Coach Z just isn't cut out to say the word "jaerb". A Jorb Well Done is likely one of the most-watched big toons featured on; when people visit the site for the first time, Strong Bad recommends that they check it out. Interestingly, after the toon's initial release, The Brothers Chaps updated the animation in the toon after the character styles had evolved. A Jorb Well Done remains significant for its well-rounded storyline, comedic timing, and development of several of Coach Z's core characteristics. (more...) watch

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