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"Hello, Strong Bad. I'm waiting for you."

On September 25, 2006, a week after the release of the Strong Bad Email cliffhangers, in which Strong Bad's computer was abducted by persons unknown, a toon in the style of Marzipan's Answering Machine was released in which one hears Strong Bad's messages. While Strong Bad is hoping to get information on who Lappynapped his "full-on favorite fold-em-up computer", the messages he receives instead simply border on the mundane. The King of Town, using the alias "Furious Fingers from Los Angeles", calls looking for a guitarist gig. Other calls suggest intrigue and deception, including a sinister, deep-voiced caller telling Strong Bad "I'm waiting for you". In the end, Strong Bad learns nothing about the whereabouts of his beloved laptop, whose fate was only revealed one week later with the release of retirement. The toon is not currently linked from any other part of, making it a secret page. (more...)

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