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"Frank was one of the finest frigging soldiers I ever met!"

Frank Bennedetto was once Marzipan's popcorn machine, who joined the Homestarmy before or during January 2004. Frank, unfortunately, was the lone casualty of The Battle of Strong Badia depicted in the Strong Bad Email army. At that time, he was believed to have died and left behind a debt of five bucks, payable to Homestar Runner. Homestar attempted to collect said bucks from Frank's mother, Mrs. Bennedetto (a.k.a. Marzipan's microwave). It has later been shown that Frank Bennedetto has not actually perished in combat. His status was upgraded to "POW" in the Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon, as he was seen behind a fence as part of a collection of stolen goods. He now seems to have been freed, and is once again a proud member of the Homestarmy, where he holds the rank of Third-Style Private. (more...)

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