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"Listen to that moldy oldy in glorious drive-thru stereo."

In what I want, the 163rd Strong Bad email, released on December 11, 2006, Talon Jendro of Des Moines, IA asks Strong Bad what he wants for Decemberween. Strong Bad replies with a few of the things he wants, but says it's more important to establish what he doesn't want for Decemberween. Then he and Marzipan host a shopping channel show demonstrating his idea of terrible Decemberween gifts. Among the items he features are ornaments, a gift which ceases to be useful as soon as it's opened. He also includes Dancin' Musical Nobots, showing one of himself singing Everybody to the Limit. Finally, Strong Bad rags on homemade gifts, suggesting that the fact that one made a gift oneself does not mean "it's not a worthless piece of crap." (more...) watch

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