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The vast majority of unreadable and unusable emails Strong Bad receives are DELETED!! While some are given to The Cheat for filing and others are made into origami by Strong Mad, Strong Bad takes great pleasure in purging his computer of most emails by striking a key on his keyboard and screaming "DELETED!!" When he does this, the computer flashes the same word on the screen and emits a loud buzzing noise. Strong Bad deletes any email that particularly annoys him, but some emails are especially susceptible. In particular, any time he receives emails including the question "How do you type with boxing gloves on?" or other such clich├ęs, he promptly deletes them. On at least one occasion, Strong Bad's mastery of his computer's delete function was thwarted, so that he deleted an email to which he intended to respond and saved an email he wanted to delete. The Virus also once prevented him from deleting an email. Ordinarily, however, his efforts to delete unwanted emails are infallible, whereas other characters (Homestar Runner and Coach Z) fail in their attempts. (more...)

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