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The reason you're here

Strong Bad is one of the most well-known characters in the Homestar Runner body of work. He started out as the villain who always tried to cheat his way to the top but was always doomed to fail before Homestar Runner. Now he's less of a villain and more of a highly expanded form of comic relief. He answers e-mails with a passion, usually on Mondays. He's Strong Sad's big brother and Strong Mad's little brother. His is the dominant personality and he loves to push everyone around: he's often abusing Homestar, kicking The Cheat, prank-calling Marzipan, or tormenting Strong Sad. He also writes and illustrates the Teen Girl Squad comics. Strong Bad owns his own country, Strong Badia, a barren field behind the Dumpsters that is completely devoid of any sentient life.

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