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"Oh, some animal died."
Strong Sad is the most depressed main character. It is unclear how he was born, as his belly button was apparently created by Strong Bad using a drill that he received for his birthday. He stands somewhere between his brothers in height, and he has large, elephant-like feet he calls "soolnds". In the past, poachers have apparently offered large sums of money to obtain Strong Sad's feet. His body is round and is two shades of grey — a lighter grey from the waist up, and darker grey from the waist down. His head is white and has an odd lump on the top (a trait shared by Mr. Bland). He is usually very calm and soft-spoken, although he has become hyperactive (at least once under the influence of caffeine), and he has also temporarily (and involuntarily) become a radio DJ once or twice. The words "Covered Bridges" seem to be able to put him in some type of trance, as seen in Fall Float Parade. (More...)
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