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The old features menu

The Features menu, which was part of the TV Time Toons Menu, was a staple of homestarrunner.com until the menu was changed on June 22, 2004. This menu originally listed Strong Bad Email and Marzipan's Answering Machine. Teen Girl Squad was added to the list when Issue 4 was released (Issues 1-3 were previously on the Shorts menu). Now each feature has its own button on the remote, with the buttons linking directly to each feature's menu.

[edit] Features

Name Channel ID Description
Strong Bad Email SBE (Strong Bad Email) Strong Bad answers his fan mail... hilarity ensues.
Marzipan's Answering Machine MRZ (Marzipan) Peer into the secret life of Homestar's girlfriend.
Teen Girl Squad TGS (Teen Girl Squad) Strong Bad's independent comic about three teen girls. Four. I mean 4 teen girls.
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