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"I'm like come on Fhqwhgads..."
"Everybody! Everybody!"

The Dancin' Musical Nobots are toy robots of various characters sold by Z' ShopChan, as seen in the email what i want. They sway their legs and "dance" to garbled, low-quality character-related music (in what Marzipan refers to as "Drive-Thru Stereo"). They have a motion sensor that activates them if someone "accidentally gets too close".

[edit] Dancin' Strong Bad Musical Nobot

The Dancin' Strong Bad Musical Nobot is a toy robot that Strong Bad put on his list of things he didn't want for Decemberween. The toy mechanically sways its hips slowly back and forth, and it plays a heavily distorted and low-quality version of Everybody to the Limit, though it's barely audible over the "plastic gears and motors clanking together in an effort to barely bust some sort of move". The Nobot will "entrangle" you with its hypnotically swaying hips, as it did to Strong Bad.

The "Strong Bantaman is a Blademan Musical Nobot" version plays "Santam'n Is A Blademan" and has a knife in each glove. It can also be used to deter unwanted carolers or serve hors d'oeuvres.

[edit] Dancin' Homestar Runner Musical Nobot

The Dancin' Homestar Runner Musical Nobot sways its legs, turns its propeller cap, and plays a very distorted intro song.

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