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Comfy and patched

The Couch is an orange sofa with a duct tape patch on the right back cushion in the Basement of the Brothers Strong. It appears that Strong Bad sleeps on the couch. This is where Strong Bad does his couch mumbling and where Homestar Runner enjoys spitting Teddy Grahams all over the place. Strong Bad has a lot of eggs that he keeps in the couch.

There are conflicting stories regarding why the couch sports its duct tape patch, as revealed in the email couch patch. Strong Bad says that he cut a hole in the couch with a Big Knife to hide his Aztec gold, whereupon the couch "unleashed a stench of biblical proportions". Furthermore, it was at that moment when Strong Bad realized that his "Aztec gold" was nothing more than a sack full of oil filters. The stench was so bad, Strong Bad says, that he had to call in a Hazmat team to hose him down.

Strong Sad insists that the patch had its origins when Lil' Strong Bad thought that American track athlete Carl Lewis was a woman named "Carla Lewis", and that "she" was "hott". Lil' Strong Bad wrote his feelings for Lewis on the couch with a Permanent Marker. Strong Bad presumably put the patch on the couch when he found out the truth about Carl Lewis, to cover up the embarrassing writing.

An "anonymous" member of the community (actually Coach Z) insists that the couch is patched because of an unfortunate dinner party one night. Allegedly "doo doo meat" was served in the evening's gumbo, and soon the Coach had to puke. He then puked in a rip in the couch, which has now been professionally sealed for obvious reasons. Coach Z is filled with remorse and shame for vomiting in the couch, and Strong Bad vehemently denies having put doo doo meat in the gumbo.

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