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(There is currently a person on a talk page that isn't a talk page.)


The thing, there's a certain aspect about randomly posting messages on talk pages that people don't like. You've been told not to tell people to make a guestbook, and even throwing it out to a user as a suggestion counts too.

We are trying to build an encyclopedia here. This is not the best place on the internet to "hang out" and chat with other people. You can go to the forum for that, or even the fanstuff wiki. Even if our forum doesn't load on your computer, there are a lot of other Homestar Runner forums out there.

Editing User pages and User talk pages all day is not what this wiki is about. It is about improving articles. I noticed some edits that you made about a week ago to some articles, and those were terrific! I was very proud. If you can find an article to improve rather than chatting on users' talk pages all the time, I can guarantee you better success in this community.

Crapfully yours,

BazookaJoe 01:11, 19 January 2006 (UTC)

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