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It seems you have discovered a Wiki. Wikis are great, because they let any one edit the pages, and new content is written very quickly. The success of Wikis partially relies on trusting its users.

You have edited many pages (including Strong Bad Email, old comics, Characters, and Tompkins), but not in constructive ways. If you want to play around, please use HRWiki:Sandbox. Then, when you can see how well the Wiki works, we welcome you to make constructive changes to other pages.

This is the discussion page for an anonymous user who has not created an account yet, or who does not use it.

We therefore have to use the numerical IP address to identify him/her. Such an IP address can be shared by several users. If you are an anonymous user and feel that irrelevant comments have been directed at you, please create an account or log in to avoid future confusion with other anonymous users.

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