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My userboxes:
Hullo! Welcome to my userpage! I'm a fan of Homestar Runner (thus the reason I'm on this wiki). I especially like Sweet Cuppin' Cakes and the Cheat Commandos. If you'd like to chat, drop a message by my talk page or PM me on the forum, my name there is the same as my name on the wiki! The Wheelchair

How I First Found H*R

The tale of me and Homestar Runner is one of many lies, twists, explosions, and above all, sushi. Alright, I'm kidding about all of the above. Anyway, I was on the Super Mario Wiki (no shameless plugs here!), and browsing around peoples' userpages when I spotted a link to Homestar Runner. I clicked the link and decided to watch a few toons. I ended up watching the Strong Bad email ghosts. I was a little confused, but I still cracked up several times. I watched a few more and started to become familiar with the characters, but after a while I stopped going there. About a year later, I was reading my favorite game website, and I saw an article about SBCG4AP, and I thought "Hey wait! I remember that site!" It was then that I went back and really became obsessed with H*R. Now I find myself going back every day to make sure there's nothing new.


Favorite Toon: Shopping for Danger
Favorite Short: The Interview
Favorite Powered by The Cheat: Rap Song
Favorite Puppet Stuff: Dangeresque: Puppet Squad
Favorite Holiday Toon: Happy Dethemberween
Favorite Strong Bad Email: cheatday
Favorite Character(s): Eh! Steve!, Blue Laser Commander, and Coach Z

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