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(could I possibly 'ave some 'ore?)
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[[Image:mm ls.png|75px]][[Strong Bad Getting Beaten Up|<span style = "color: #FF0000">'''No items, Fox and Meta Knight only, Final Destination'''</span>]][[Image:Beating.gif|75px]]<small><small><small>[[Pikachu|Wild THE CHEAT appeared!]]&nbsp;[[Street Fighter|Falcon Punch! Show me your moves!]]&nbsp;[[The Legend of Zelda|It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.]]&nbsp;[[Metroid|The last Metroid is in captivity.]] [[Image:videogames.png|75px]]</small></small></small><big><big>[[Mario|OH YEAH! LUIGI LIKE-A THAT!]]</big></big><small><small><small>[[Lack of Intelligible Speech|You're looking for the snow spirits? Sounds hard.]]</small></small></small>[[Image:sbemail47.PNG|75px]]<span style = "color: #FF8000"><big>'''''[[The King of Town's Castle|They told me that I might see you if I waited here, but I'd just about given up hope!]]&nbsp;[[new hands|I am the kindest one ever, so the Kindness Star Stamp belongs to me!]]&nbsp;[[8-Bit is Enough Responses (The Field)|Hey! Listen!]]&nbsp;[[Monty Python|That's-a wonderful!]]&nbsp;[[the facts|What's-a going on here?]]&nbsp;[[Mortal Kombat|Luigi has worse traction than his brother, but he's a more powerful jumper.]]'''''</big></span>[[Image:Thatsbupkis.png|75px]]<span style = "color: #0000FF"><u><small>[[Pumpkin Carve-nival|Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!]]</small></u></span>[[Image:King Brothers Game.PNG|75px]][[the chair|<span style = "color: #00FF00"><big><big><big>Dodongo dislikes smoke.</big></big></big></span>]][[Image:SBEmail 124.PNG|75px]]<small><sup>[[German|So ein mist!]]&nbsp;[[French|Luigi is the BOMB!]]&nbsp;[[Nintendo|You'll get no sympathy from me!]]&nbsp;[[Airplane|Do a barrel roll!]]&nbsp;</sup><sub>[[Gasoline|Spit fire and run!]]&nbsp;</sub><sup><span style = "color: #FFFF00">[[Gremlin|Whoa! You're way out in front!]]&nbsp;</span></sup><sub>[[Twenty THANXty Six|Poyo!]]&nbsp;[[The Luau|Too bad... You didn't even get one...]]&nbsp;</sub>[[pizzaz|Augh! Ya corked me!]]&nbsp;<sup>[[The Pond|Anyone up for ice skating for free coins?]]&nbsp;</sup></small>[[Main Page 6|The fight is on!!!]] [[Image:luau.PNG|75px]]<sub><small><small><small>[[Bubs's Shady Business Practices|You'll be dreaming of coins tonight!]] [[Blatant Lies|Hands off my prey!]] [[Image:Main6.PNG|75px]]</small></small></small></sub> <span style = "color: #FF00FF">'''[[Fourth Wall Breaks|I AM ERROR.]]'''</span> [[Image:Which Ween Costumes.png|75px]]
'''[[User:RickTommy|<span style="font-family:MS Sans Serif;color:green">Rick</span>]][[User talk:RickTommy|<span style="font-family:MS Sans Serif;color:green">Tommy</span>]] [[Special:Contributions/RickTommy|<span style="font-family:MS Sans Serif;color:green">(edits)</span>]]'''

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