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"WHAAAAAAAT are you doing?"

H*R.com is down? Not registered? Coming Soon? What? Is today April Fool's Day? ... Then things get 20X6'd...

Cast (in order of appearance): Stickly Man, Stinkoman, 1-Up, Pan Pan

Date: April 1, 2004

Page Title: Coming Soon! The biggest name is Web Advertising!!



{The setting: "www.homestarrunner.com is coming soon! This domain is reserved through thoraxcorp.com". An animated stick figure in a yellow "Under Construction" diamond shovels diligently. Stinkoman appears at the bottom of the screen...}


{...and leaps into the air, performing an anime fighting pose before landing.}

STINKOMAN: {to stick figure} Heeeey, Stickly Man. WHAAAAAAAAAT are you doing?

{"Stickly Man" stands up, tosses his shovel into the air, leaps out of his diamond, performs a mid-air flip, lands, deftly catches his shovel and assumes a fighting stance.}

STINKOMAN: Correct me if I'm wrong but are you asking for a challeeeeeeeeenge?! {assumes fighting stance}

{Stickly Man spins his shovel and Stinkoman executes another pose. They dash toward each other and leap simultaneously into the air in slow-motion. Freezeframe of Stinkoman striking Stickly Man. Stickly Man lands on his feet in the background; Stinkoman lands in the foreground in a kneeling stance. After a pause, there is a rack-focus to Stickly Man, who then drops his shovel, wavers a bit, and falls flat on his face. Cut to close-up of Stinkoman.}

{A subtitle which reads ". . ." appears.}

STINKOMAN: Dot dot dot!

{Zoom out to whole page.}

STINKOMAN: 20X6! I twenty-exty-six'd you good.

{1-Up and Pan Pan enter.}

1-UP: Did we miss a challenge?

STINKOMAN: Where ya been, ladies? I had to take care of Stickly Man myself!

1-UP: Well, so how was it?

STINKOMAN: Ahh, it was okay. The fighting was decent, but it wasn't much of a challenge. {lies down}

PAN PAN: {Badalang, badalang, badalang}

STINKOMAN: Who-hah? Good question, Pan Pan. I don't know what he was digging for. Habalila-HUP!

{Stinkoman leaps into the yellow diamond and tastes the mound that Stickly Man was shoveling.}

STINKOMAN: Hey, this isn't dirt, i—it's pudding!

1-UP: I want pudding! {A green glob descends from his nose.}

STINKOMAN: We deserve a break. Eating pudding with a spoon! {produces a spoon from nowhere}

{Pan Pan falls from above and crushes 1-Up.}

{Roll credits:}

executive producer
h. yamauchi

s. miyahon

s. miyahon
ten ten

ten ten

t. nakazoo
maru maru

sound composer
paul pan
storm storm

wibe snodgrass

actual items
foss tony

scare tactics

elevator action
tesoro dub

crotchety gnomes
perl bess

cover ups

{The end.}

Fun Facts


  • This toon was put up instead of the regular intro page on April 1st, 2004.
  • thoraxcorp.com is the web site of Thorax Corporation, a fake company created by The Brothers Chaps.
  • "..." is a common cliche used in Japanese anime and manga. It is literally the character "speaking" nothing at all. For example, it would be used for dramatic effect in serious scenes where the character is in deep contemplation about something, or for comedic effect in slapstick anime when the character is stunned and at a loss for words.


  • The toon originally took up the entire page and there were no grey buttons at the bottom.
  • When first released, viewers couldn't see Stickly Man during parts of the fight scene as well as after it, due to layer order. This was fixed the same day.
  • "paul pan" and "storm storm" refer to Paul Sabourin and Storm DiCostanzo, the singers who performed Ballad of the Sneak. They are erstwhile members of the capella singing group DaVinci's Notebook
  • At the end, if you click on the back button it will always go back to the 20X6 Main Page.


  • The three boxes at the bottom of the site contain some pretty funny advertisements. They are of the same quality you'd expect from Thorax Corporation. Here they are:
    • Spam Free Living!! Tired of spam-getting ventures gone horpfully wrong!! Get with the program for as low as $9.95 a month. $4.95 each additional minute. No delabors.
    • Affordable Hostings! New house? New domain? WHO HAS TIME??!? With all new Greg Hosting you can get the website you need at the lowest interest rate in 40 years! 6.2% APR
    • Guaranteed Results! Use twice daily with exorbitant food intake. After dinner mints highly recommended. Will you please quit making that horribly annoying noise!? No Prescriptions! No Credit Check! $12,000

Inside References

  • When Stinkoman jumped in he said the same thing as Strong Bad said when jumped off the table in funny.
  • Pan Pan falling on 1-Up is a refrence to japanese cartoon.
  • The "Spam Free Living!!" ad contains the word "horpfully" which is a clear reference to Coach Z's thick accent.
    • The same ad also mentions "No delabors." which is a reference to Thorax Corporation.

Real-World References

  • Stickly Man is almost certainly a reference to the popular Flash cartoon series Xiao Xiao, in which stick figures kill each other in elaborately-choreographed fight scenes.
  • The entire fight scene is completely pulled from the popular original NES game, Ninja Gaiden, which has an introduction sequence of two ninjas having a duel. The freeze-frame during the jump, the "...", everything! You can check out screen shots of the fight sequence from Ninja Gaiden at Ninja Gaiden Screens.
  • The first listing in the credits reads "Executive Producer H. Yamauchi." Hiroshi Yamauchi was the former president of Nintendo and appeared in the credits as executive producer in many of Nintendo's older games. There are a few other names that are also Nintendo employees, namely S. Miyahon (mistranslation of Shigeru Miyamoto) and Ten Ten (Takashi Tezuka). These are people who worked on the original Legend of Zelda game. These credits also appeared at the end of japanese cartoon.
  • In the credits, "Elevator Action" is a reference to the Taito game of the same name. "Crotchety Gnomes" may be a continuation of the Legend of Zelda theme, as the game had numerous characters arguably resembling crotchety gnomes, such as Moblins, the old men (or was it always the same old man?) found in various caves, and the end boss Ganon.

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