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"Mysterious pants issues?"

Total Load (short for Total Load Total Body Fitness Energy Enhancement Powder) is a athletic performance enhancement powder manufactured by Total Load Total Etc., Inc. It was first seen in alternate universe, when Homestar Runner was trying to make a real fruit smoothie, he brought a large canister of Total Load with him.

In Homestar Ruiner, Strong Bad responded to a spamvertizement in order to receive a free sample. After it was delivered, he refused to use it after reading the label and discovering that its side-effects include "mysterious pants issues", along with "fits of rage" and "excessive back hair". Coach Z claims that he knows Total Load when he tastes or smells it, and that using it is grounds for disqualification in the Free Country USA Race to the End of the Race. Its purpose other than as a "performance enhancer" is vague, but Homestar claims it "can enlarge your vectroid region by 27 percent" and it is implied that Strong Mad uses it on a weekly basis, with the apparent threat of a whatsit-storm if he takes too much.

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