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"Yeah. Shut up, kid!"

The Thnikkaman is the alter ego of Bubs, wearing a pair of flashy sunglasses and a piece of paper taped to his chest with "tH" written on it. Most of the other characters seem unaware that the Thnikkaman is Bubs; in cliffhangers, Coach Z attempts to reveal the Thnikkaman's identity, only to be thwarted by his own bad hand-eye coordination (though he later accuses himself of being the Thnikkaman). This is odd, since he takes off his glasses in the email monument, clearly showing his true identity. In Happy Dethemberween, Homestar Runner demonstrates that he, unlike the other charcters, is aware of the Thnikkaman's identity. The other characters seem to have no response to Homestar's assertion that the Thnikkaman is just Bubs with a piece of paper taped to his chest. His powers of distraction are amazing, as shown in monument, when he prevented Strong Bad from completing a monument of himself, as well as Homestar from finally putting on some pants.

"Here comes the Dethemberween Thnikkaman!!"

Whenever he arrives someplace, an offscreen chorus sings "Here comes the Thnikkaman!", accompanied by those words dancing across the screen. Similarly, the chorus sings "There goes the Thnikkaman!" with the dancing words whenever he leaves. In Happy Dethemberween, the singers are actually seen, and they all resemble Bubs. His famous catch phrase "Yeah, shut up, kid!" is usually given in response to the question "Can I/we have some?" (although what "some" refers to has not been revealed). In a monument easter egg, the Thnikkaman takes off his cool shades for the first and only time.

The Thnikkaman has once called Marzipan, where he asked her to join his "Thnikkaband". The call begins with the chorus singing "You got a call from the Thnikkaman!" and ends with "Here hang-ups the Thnikkaman!", with the words dancing across the screen each time.

The Thnikkaman is also obliquely referenced in virus, when Bubs walks across the screen with his mouth replaced by a "broken JPEG" reading "TH".

Oddly, The Thnikkaman does not have any visible ears or a nose, so it is a mystery as to how the sunglasses are held up.

On Decemberween, he becomes the "Dethemberween Thnikkaman," a holiday figure who delivers blank media and discount travel packages to people, vaguely akin to Santa Claus.

Complete Filmography

Here is sketched a mustachioed Thnikkaman!!
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