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"Go soak your fat head."

The Homestar Runner is the Old-Timey version of Homestar Runner. His primary interest is in finding something to eat during the Great Depression along with Old-Timey Marzipan and Fat Dudley. He has been kicking an old Can of Water Soup around ever since his dog "worshed" away in the storm of '28.

The Homestar Runner can play "a mean worshboard" and appears to have incredible aim when firing a spitball out of a straw. He was able to peg Stinkoman in the eye from a great distance in 20X6 vs. 1936. While he seems to like most of the characters he meets, he dislikes Sickly Sam ("Our worst friend") and Rumble Red (whom he labels a 'Communist Fool').

He is Mike Chapman's favorite character in the entire Homestar Runner body of work. Mike thinks he's a lot smarter and more aware of what's going on than modern-day Homestar. Though this may be true, The Homestar Runner does not seem to be able to either hear or understand others very well, and often responds with a flat "What?" to other characters who try to converse with him.

The Brothers Chaps refer to this character as "Old Timey Homestar," "Kick the Can Homestar," or simply "Homestar."

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