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Does anyone know what happened to "Homestar vs. Little Girl Part 1?" I know it EXISTED -- in fact, I remember watching it -- but I can't find any evidence of it anymore. It doesn't seem to be accessible from any part of the main HSR site, and it doesn't even seem to be mentioned on our beloved HRwiki. Any guesses? And just who is this Little Girl, anyway? The Chaps' little sister, perhaps? -- Queenie-C

HSR vs. Little Girl is a decemberween in July easter egg i think -- Asploder

A-ha, you're right! Thanks! -- Queenie-C

Can someoone please link to this toon?-Arnold Schwarzenegger Fan

It says in The Brothers Chaps page that "They have 3 (other) siblings.", so you might very well be right, Queenie. -- 'Ivan

Nope. Matt is the youngest of the five siblings. [1] -- Tom 18:03, 25 Oct 2004 (MST)


Could we get the cuts in this added in? As it stands, it looks like it's one continuous conversation, whereas there is actually quite a lot of editing.

Done. -BazookaJoe 14:36, 9 Jul 2005 (UTC)


You know, it's interesting that they made a sequel to something that was already just an easter egg. There are probably a good number of people who are still unaware of the existence of the first one, as it was pretty subtly hidden.

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