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A 1936 version of the main page.

Because this page is silent, it might more accurately be dated 1933, similar to the copyright-1933 Kick the Can short.

  • Toons - a bomb is shot out of one of the factory's chimneys, lands on the ground and explodes.
  • Games - The Strong Bad comes flying in from the left, lands on his head and then rights himself. After breathing heavily, he zooms upwards out of the frame.
  • Characters - the Homestar Runner fires a can from his mouth.
  • Downloads - a bomb is shot out of the chimney again, this time landing in the Homestar Runner's open mouth. It explodes inside him and a puff of smoke comes out of his mouth (although it is closed).
  • Store - the Homestar Runner looks backwards.
  • E-mail - an old-style Strong Sad (not Sickly Sam) wearing a helmet bursts through the roof of the big top, coming to the zenith of his flight near the edge of the frame and begins to fall.

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