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[edit] Transcription Credits

I've recently removed a whole slew of "Transcription Credits" from the Strong Bad Emails. Apparently, someone thought that two users in Sweeden and Finland should be credited with transcribing the emails. I don't feel that their transcription work, though appreciated, is any more significant than any other work that countless people do on the wiki, and I don't feel that they should be credited unless everyone else is credited for every other minor change.

The proper place to credit work done on a wiki topic to yourself or others is in the topic's discussion, in your own user space, or in the page history. This wiki is not a tribute to the users that made its pages -- it is a Homestar Runner wiki.

[edit] 1933 vs 1936

Good jeorb differentiating 1933 vs 1936. I was worried that we would have to duplicate all the ’36 stuff on ’33 pages. Drhaggis 16:06, 7 Oct 2004 (MST)

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