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The L.U.R.N logo
A sample L.U.R.N. report card

Life-Blossoms Undergoing Re-programming Naturally, also known by the acronym L.U.R.N., is a "pretty standard" cult headed by Marzipan that meets in The Classroom, as seen in the Strong Bad Email coloring. The subordinate members of L.U.R.N. are referred to as "life blossoms" and include Homestar Runner, Strong Mad, and Homsar.

Life blossoms engage in activities using crayons with politically correct color names that cannot actually be used to color, lest any one pupil outshine the rest. Other focal points of the L.U.R.N. curriculum include crayon consumption, ethical treatment of soy products, and other environmentally-conscious subjects. Life blossoms' grades in these subjects are distributed in the form of roots, grass, leaves, and birds. Roots and grass are grades equivalent to F's, and they are the grades Homestar Runner receives in most subjects. It is unknown how well Strong Mad and Homsar do, however.


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