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A secret hot date in the making.

Bubs, Coach Z, Homestar, and a Cardboard Marzipan watch a fireworks show.

Cast (in order of appearance): Bubs, Coach Z, Homestar Runner, Cardboard Marzipan, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat

Places: The Field

Date: July 4, 2005

Running Time: 1:46

Page Title: Fuh-lamable!



{Coach Z and Bubs are sitting next to each other in chairs at dusk, waiting for some fireworks to start.}

COACH Z: Naw, I tell ya's, I once shoved an M-80 up my nose just to impress the ladytypes.

BUBS: Aw, that's nothin'. I once ate an entire bowl of M-200's at my family reunion!

COACH Z: Oh, yeah, well I married an M-300-

BUBS: ...They don't make a 300!

COACH Z: Oh... 250?


COACH Z: Elephant?


{Homestar comes in with Cardboard Marzipan.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey guys! Happy Fireworks!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {As Cardboard Marzipan} Homestar, that's not what the holiday's called.

BUBS: Marzipan's still out of town for the summer, eh Homestar?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No, what're you talking about?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {As Cardboard Marzipan} Yes, I'm still out of town, Bubs, you gorgeous hunk of man.

BUBS: {Blushing} Oh, why thank you, Cardboard Marzipan.

COACH Z: Hey, Cardboard Marzi! Uh, you want in on some of this action?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {As Cardboard Marzipan} No, you're disgusting.

BUBS: What's takin' these fireworks guys so long anyways? I got peoples to rip off!

{screen now shows Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat. Cans of gas and WB-46 are around them as well as a sign that says, "The fireworks guys (f'real)"}

STRONG BAD: Ugh, I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to let you make your homemade fireworks, Strong Mad.

{shows batteries and matches taped together}


STRONG BAD: We'll get to the oohing and ahhing soon enough. But first, we gotta go straight to plan G!

{shows The Cheat with "plan g" painted on him}

THE CHEAT: {sadly} Meh.

(Strong Mad grabs The Cheat and starts shaking him. The Cheat is making noises)

STRONG BAD: Wait for it... wait for it...

{The Cheat's noises get higher-pitched}

STRONG BAD: And... pull!

{Strong Mad throws The Cheat above him}

THE CHEAT: Meeeeeeeeeehhhhh!

{The Cheat is flying in the sky. Eventually, Cheat-shaped fireworks appear. Cut back to Homestar, Bubs, and Coach Z}


COACH Z: It's dazzle-mazing!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {As Cardboard Marzipan} I think fireworks promote violence.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Shut up, Marzipan.

{a firework explodes and shows "Happy Fireworks!" The Cheat crashes into the ground. Cardboard Marzipan shows up}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {as Cardboard Marzipan} Oh, The Cheat, are you okay? Do you want to go on a secret hot date?

Fun Facts


  • The Loading Screen of this toon displays "Loafing..." instead of "Loading...".
  • The cardboard box used to make Cardbord Marzipan had (F)RAGILE stenciled across its top before Homestar drew Marzipan on it, as well as DON'T BEND stenciled across the bottom.
  • The cans of WB-46 have this slogan written on them: Stops the Squeaks! Gets some jobs DONE. Fuh-lamable.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The cans of WB-46 are an obvious spoof of WD-40.
  • Some of the batteries Strong Mad used to make fireworks are black with copper tops, the classic design of fudge.

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