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"They need all the firepower they can get."

Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 14.2, released on March 5, 2007, is the fourteenth of a series of toons featuring the messages left by various citizens of Free Country, USA, for Marzipan to hear. In this installment, Homestar Runner leaves a message asking her about something, but he forgets what it was. Strong Sad, meanwhile, invites her to join him in playing some April Fool's Day pranks on everyone else. She also receives calls from the following: Coach Z, to remind her about shin-tryouts; Crack Stuntman, to object to her protesting his rallies at the organization, Pistols for Pandas; and Strong Bad (using the alias of "Nadine Automated Menu Burger" from "Trusted Financial Institution"), to prank call her into checking on the status of her butt. Finally, Homestar calls again, saying he remembered the urgent message he meant to say earlier. (more...) watch

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