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''Wondering what the Dumple is.''<br>
''Wondering what the Dumple is.''<br>
''Excellence, and what is valor?''<br>
''Excellence, and what is valor?''<br>
''And the Cheat will hit stuff with a golf club!''<br>
''And The Cheat will hit stuff with a golf club!''<br>
''C! G! N! . . . U!''
''C! G! N! . . . U!''

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This article is about the university. For the email, see CGNU.
A stately tower rises over the campus of CGNU.
Crazy Go Nuts University
Motto The Future Is You... probably.
Established Unknown
School type Private
Chancellor Unknown
Prinicpal Strong Bad
Enrollment Unknown
Campus surroundings Field and Fence
Sports Teams CGNU Golf Club Team
Mascot The Jolly Dumple
Campus Radio Station 89.3 WSBD-The Voice of CGNU
Online site
Website motto Banner ad valorum

Crazy Go Nuts University is a university created and run by Strong Bad. To attend CGNU, applicants must send in the free art test consisting of drawing a guy with a big knife. Actual applicants are not accepted, however, and the art test is only so Strong Bad can make fun of the person who took it. According to Strong Bad, "A diploma from Crazy Go Nuts University will be pretty impressive on your wall, and all your friends will be pretty impressed." The only known room in CGNU is the prinicpal's office.

They offer an assortment of courses on their CGNU Online e-Niversity website. The programs only require four clicks to earn a "shady online degree". The CGNU website does not actually exist, as .edu domain names are only available to actual institutions of higher education.

In Fan Costumes '08, Strong Bad admitted that the university was fake and that he had yet to create it.

In On Break, Homestar (as the Jolly Dumple) orients the freshmen. In his song, he mentions that the financial aid office is closed on Tuesdays, and advises students to avoid the beef stroganoff in the dining hall.


[edit] Courses offered

[edit] On Campus

Strong Bad offers a wide variety of courses taught at CGNU, including:

  • Cheesing People Off
  • Indian-Giving
  • Cutting Ones
  • Doing Some Other Things
  • Home Invasion
  • Cracking Wise
  • World Domination
  • Sending Me a Dollar
  • Total Spaceship Guy
  • TV / VCR Repair
  • Get your Degree!

[edit] Online

At CGNU, one year equals one click.

Many courses are offered online, including:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Abomination
  • Mousepad Engineer
  • Infotainment Technology
  • e-Cutting Ones
  • The Lighter Side of Sports
  • Matt's Communications
  • Business Wheeling
  • Insider Trading
  • Computer Graphs
  • Bidness Dealing
  • Caps Lock Technician
  • Escrow Understandment
  • Marriage Apothecary

[edit] The Golf Club Team

The CGNU Golf Club Team has a game every day at 6pm. So far, the only known teams they have played are Pile of Electronics State, Homestar's Knees Tech, and DeBry. According to Strong Bad, the CGNU team is undefeated. Their fight song lyrics are reprinted here.

Fighting, and sometimes striving,
Wondering what the Dumple is.
Excellence, and what is valor?
And The Cheat will hit stuff with a golf club!

C! G! N! . . . U!

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Appearances

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