Bubs' Concession Stand

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Bubs' Concession Stand
Type Retailer
Slogan We're always awesome!
Location Free Country, USA
Key people Bubs--Every Position (except Mascot)
Retails Computers
Housing Items
see complete items listing
Mascot Tragic Clown Dog (played by Strong Bad)

Bubs' Concession Stand is where Bubs works. It is the place in Free Country, USA to get anything and everything, albeit not everything legal. According to Bubs' Yearbook Character Page (and possibly different town), the Stand is located near the Athletic Field.

Notable Events

Old Mr. Bubs will never know the difference!
  • A guy named Stan used to work in the stand, until Bubs fired him in the fifth grade.
  • The stand was picked up and used as a parade "float" by Strong Mad in Fall Float Parade.
  • In an easter egg from the above toon, Homestar made a cardboard box to replace it, hoping Bubs wouldn't notice the difference.


CANDY most dandy

Known Items Sold

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