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Also known as the "ARROWED guy" and the "CHILDREN man." This is the guy who constantly kills members of the Teen Girl Squad. He appears in every issue and has a distinctive voice and a huge mouth. His many professions include an archer, a truck driver, owner of a Pan-Asian Cuisine stand, a brain mech pilot, ship captain, and a judge. The ways he has killed the Squad members are as follows:

  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 1: In his first appearance, he ARROWED The Ugly One, right after she admitted to having a crush on every boy.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 2: He doesn't actually kill one of the members, but runs over So and So's new boyfriend with a CHILDREN truck.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 3: He sells The Ugly One some Pan-Asian Cuisine, which makes her MSG'D.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 4: After Cheerleader gets denied by Quarterback, who tells her to get some brains, he CEREBELLUMs her with a giant brain mech.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 5: He's helming a sailboat, the S.S. Inevitable, that SAILING MISHAPs Cheerleader in half.
  • Decemberween Teen Girl Squad: He doesn't kill anyone, but is two out of three judges when the girls jump into the lion's mouth. The Ugly One is TWO'D and Cheerleader gets 3 noses?
  • Teen Girl Squad 7: The entire Squad falls into his mouth as they reminisce their pre-k days.

Also appears 404ing The Ugly One when a URL is mistyped. It's the same as the Issue #1 attack except The Ugly One says "OW! my browser!", and 'ARROWED!!!' is missing. See: 404'd

As of issue 7, all of the Teen Girl Squad members have suffered a Man with the Huge Mouth attack.

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