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This article is about the music video. For the song, see No-Stalgia.
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There is no nostalgia in this one.

sloshy presents their newest single.

Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Running time: 2:42

Page Title: Dave Kendall would be-would be proud!


[edit] Visuals

Lyrics Visuals
{A beat plays} Grainy black-and-white footage shows a record playing on a turntable.
Yesterday Pan right-to-left across a sound mixer, with knobs labeled "TONE" and "VOLUME".
I did some things as an adult An overhead shot of coffee being poured into a mug reading "You're the best!"
that you would expect Another shot of the coffee being poured. It overflows the mug and spills onto the table.
{Music plays} Shot of someone's feet walking on the ground, holding the coffee mug in hand.
And then today A piggy bank with large eyes.
as a result A dinosaur toy wearing a glass bowl like a space helmet.
I did not A bizarre, hairy plush toy with conjoined eyes and whispy hair.
regret them. Someone playing a guitar.
{Music continues} The guitar is now a wooden racket. Then it switches to a small broom.
{Music continues} A globe turns in front of a star-spangled cloth. As it turns, an attached flying saucer comes into view. Majesty lines come out.
I didn't think about the glory days. An ugly dummy moves its arm; its mouth synchs with the lyrics
{Music continues} A trophy with a plaque reading "2nd Place"
Or say, "Oh, how things have changed!" Far shot of a trophy. Suddenly, a gallon of milk is being poured into the bowl, causing it to overflow and make a huge puddle around the trophy.
I stayed A person wearing a box over his head jumps into view.
firmly rooted in the right here and the right now. The dinosaur with the space helmet rotates over the star background until it is upside-down.
{Music continues} A small boogeyman doll stands on the ground in front of a wooden fence. A tennis ball is thrown in and bounces in front of it, hitting the doll but not knocking it over.
There is no A wooden woodpecker doll with whispy hair is pecking away at the pole it is attached to.
nostalgia. No The weird plush toy with the whispy hair is riding along past some trees. The shot turns and colored lines stream out from where its hair comes out.
nostalgia in this one. A hand grows out from a small cup like a seedling.
Nostalgia, no nostalgia. A pair of sneakers are sitting on the carpet next to a pillow. A jump cut transforms them into bowling shoes.
There is no nostalgia. The piggy bank with the big eyes has a piece of paper with a mouth drawn on it. The paper mouth animates to synch with the words.
No nostalgia in this one. An overhead shot slowly zooms in on a pepper. As it pans down, the message "You're the best!" is seen written in cursive on the side of the pepper.
Nostalgia. No nostalgia- A group of musicians are playing guitars in front of an unmanned drumkit.
-stalgia A dial on a guitar is turned all the way.
{Instrumental} The video footage is now bright and in color. A red pepper with the message "You're the best!" written on it sits on a wooden cutting board. The top is removed and it is hollow. A knife comes in to cut it in half. Cut to the pepper being diced with the knife. Next, a white onion is being diced. Next, an bowl contains two eggs as another egg is broken, dropping into the bowl. The eggs are beaten with a fork. The egg mixture is poured into a greased skillet. Once the eggs are in, the diced peppers and onions are scattered on top of the right half of the eggs. Diced scallions are added on top of the peppers by hand. Shredded cheese is added by hand on the left side of the eggs. A spatula flips the cheese side over the vegetable side. Cut to a shot of the egg fritatta served on a fancy orange plate.
They keep remaking my favorites but they no longer resonate. Grainy black and white footage of a mug that says "The BEST is yet to come!" Tea is poured into it. Then, a fluffy cotton thing with googly eyes pops out of it.
{Music continues} A color shot of the group playing guitars and drums.
{Music continues} Grainy black and white footage of a squirrel figurine. Color squiggles are animated it its hand.
They re-released all the greatest hits Someone wearing a homemade bear mask with eye holes cut out smooths the cloth.
But now they're disconsolate. A bird figurine is seen in silhouette. A flash of light shows what it looks like as animated colored lines spray out of its mouth.
And they're not so great. I'm not concerned with Walking cycle showing shoes walking over a sidewalk into a pool.
my college years. The man with the box on his head pushes a manual lawnmower across a backyard. The lawnmower transforms into a guitar.
Or meeting old friends for beers. The ugly dummy sits in front of a plate with cake, carrots, and a cup of water. Shot slowly zooms out.
I'm staying firmly rooted on the right here The man in the bear mask holds a fancy frame in front of his face and puts on a pair of sunglasses.
and the right now. Color shot of the band playing the song.
{Music continues} Grainy black-and-white shot of a pair of legs wearing sneakers submerged in water. Animated wave lines form loops.
There is no A handmade plush heart with a face sits on an outdoor staircase. An animated line traces the heart. The heart is carried away into the air.
nostalgia, no The plush heart is being twirled around in circles in the front yard of a house.
nostalgia in this A strange toy mushroom is held by a plastic clamp. The mushroom flies off.
one. The pepper with "You're the best!" written on it has been hollowed out. Its top sits next to it. Tea is being poured into it. The tea overflows and makes a huge puddle.
There is no nostalgia Another color shot of the band playing guitars. A Homestar Runner puppet is visible in a plastic tub on the side.
no nostalgia in this one. Grainy black-and-white footage of an old-fashioned television playing snowy static. A piece of paper appears on the screen and a mouth is animated to synch with the words.
No nostalgia, no nostalgia Close up of a guitar being played. The hand changes to a tree branch, then an oven mitt.
Didn't think about the glory days. The mug reading "The BEST is yet to come!" has the cotton thing sitting in it. A sparkler goes off and shoots sparks behind it.
Or lament, "Oh how A small figure of a man on a trophy rotates around.
things have changed." A plush toy sits in the bowl of the trophy. It leaps out, revealing a gap cut in the rear of the trophy bowl.
I'm staying firmly focused on the right here A mess of leaves is blown away, revealing the message "The Best is yet to WORST"
and the right now! The opening shot of the record playing is shown again, with colored lines animated on the record's glare.
{Music ends} The shot cuts to black, but the animated colored glare line remains.
MAN: {digitally lo-fi} I'd still like to get beers if we can. The man with the box on his head is shown again. Video ends.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The YouTube description for this video is:
sloshy accompanies their anti-nostalgia anthem with the most nostalgic 90's indie video.

new album:
  • The black-and-white portions of the video were recorded using a Fisher-Price PXL-2000 video camera, a 1987 toy that used audio cassette tapes as its way of storing video and audio recordings, to be later played back on a TV set and recorded onto VHS. The low-resolution and slightly mosaic-like nature of the videos, as well as the occasional black-, white-, and gray-toned interference, gives it away.

[edit] Inside References

  • The page title is a reference to Marzipan's comment on Strong Sad's poem in rampage.

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