West Is Lip

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West Is Lip
Androgynous Boys
Origins Hertfordshire
Genre(s) New wave
Members Unknown
Discography The Singles (2004)

West Is Lip is a British new wave band consisting of four androgynous men from Hertfordshire. Their hit single is "She Partied Without Dancing", which reached No. 4 on the Sales Chart. They apparently were popular enough to warrant a compilation of their singles.

Strong Bad refers to the band's name after mispronouncing the email sender's location of "West Islip" in old comics. A poster featuring the band is seen in Strong Sad's room in Baddest of the Bands.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • The band is represented by four images of Ryan Sterritt, with blue eyebrows and bright red lips crudely drawn on in Photoshop.
  • Strong Bad reading "Without" from their song title was reused in rock opera.

[edit] Appearances

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