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Bikinis for all!

"Wear a Bikini!" is the slogan towed behind planes and ships on certain Main Pages, and the Strong Bad Email island. It is also an answer in the Homestar Quiz. The meaning behind this directive to don a two-piece bathing suit has not been revealed by the Brothers Chaps.

[edit] Appearances

  • Debut: Main Page 3 — Flying behind a plane when mousing over "Store".
    • Homestar Quiz — The third question asks about this main page, and "wear a bikini!" is answer D.
  • Main Page 15 — On the side of a ship when mousing over "Characters".
  • Email islandHomestar Runner demonstrates a main page while on a deserted island, and the plane carrying the message flies by.
  • Main Page 23 — Written on the back of Strong Sad's "floating head of doom".
  • Baddest of the Bands — While Strong Bad is trying to recreate the best album cover ever, he tells The Cheat, "Don't forget to wear a bikini!"

[edit] Variations

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