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[edit] Your screen shots (from DVD) request

Hi, King of Screenshots! I hate to bug you like this- I just wanted to know if you had seen my post in the thread you started when you requested several screen shots of the Floppy disk containers from the three DVD Main Menus. You said you wanted them to be at least 150 by 150 pixels - I did the best I could. I attempted to zoom in but I wasn't able to obtain clear results so the images in my post are the best I could do. While I'm at it, do you have any guesses for what game "WOTR Level 2" might refer to? How about "one tune"? And for the one that gets cut off, do you know any vintage games that have a title two words in length where the first word starts with 'k' and the second begins with 'spe'? *shrug* I haven't the slightest... --The Paper 11:24, 9 Mar 2005 (MST)

Update: Sadly, I am unable to get straight PNGs from the DVD menu per your request on my talk page. I wish I could, really! I hate compression artifacts as much as the next man (or green and white bar paper icon_mrgreen.gif ), but I am simply unable to rid my screenshots of them. I even tried obtaining other DVD player applications and converting the DVD material to MPEGs but the level of compression necessary to fit the content on my 'tiny' 10GB hard drive left the labels on the disks inside the containers even less legible - So expect me to update your pride and joy on the wiki in a few days with some screen shots and possible links to FAQs, moby, wikipedia, etc. Until we meet again... --The Paper 18:33, 10 Mar 2005 (MST)
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