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[edit] Stress Template

This template makes the job of updating your stress picture less... stressful. (Unless you like cutting and pasting). All you need to do is to inject the template in your code and change the stress level (from 1 to 5) number to match your current stress level! For example...

[edit] Example 1



My current stress level: Just fine

[edit] Example 2



My current stress level: Pretty stressed

[edit] Example 3

You can change the alignment or size of the template...



My current stress level: I quit/I need a vacation!

[edit] Example 4

Alternatively, there is a generic version that defaults to right alignment and 150px size. (If you really are lazy... like me!)



My current stress level: A bit tense

[edit] Copy the Code From here

Simply copy the following code, enter the appropriate level (either 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 as shown above) and voila!


Here is the "customizable" version. You may select "left", "right", or "center" for the alignment. And only enter the size number of pixels without the "px" symbol (it's already encoded with it!). Any questions feel free to leave them in my user talk. In general just follow the examples above and you'll be all set!


[edit] Links

Here is a list of the family of templates used here:

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