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hi im son goku! im new so can sumwon hellp me owt here?wat do we do here? ar there eny gams here? sumwon plees help me owt here

Ugh. That's SANJURO! You nitwitted little brother! Oh well I'm sorry. Well anyways.

[edit] Welcome to!

Mostly what you do here is make your own Talk Page and User Page. I see you've already done that. Also try and become a Sysop, which is also known as a System Administrator. Another thing you do here here is try and make friends with some, if not all, of the already existing Members. If this doesn't cover things up, try asking User:Tom or User:Homestar Coder. Again Welcome. Sanjuro/Balmung 18:52, 12 Jun 2005 (UTC)

umm. wats a system administrator?can i be won?

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