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Strong Bad


[edit] Beginning

Hey, what's up? My favourite character is Strong Bad (you can see easily.) And I've been going to for almost a year now. I'd say my favourite part on the site is Strong Bad e-mail!!!!!! Those things rock!!! I've changed favourite character alot! First it was Homestar when I first went. Second was Strong Bad. Third was Pom Pom. Fourth was The Cheat. Fifth was Homestar again. And sixth is Strong Bad again. So, I don't think I will change characters anymore! Nope, no more of that......nope. Oh, and you can add something at the bottom (but only a comment!). Okay, that's all. You can say something at the bottom, and I'll reply. (If I get the chance.) And Lee is the coolest!

[edit] Biography


Yeah, I took a Homestar Runner quiz and came out Strong Bad! Isn't that awesome? I am my favourite (and the best) character of all the characters! Hey, if you have taken this quiz you can add it in the Comments section below! I just wanna say one more thing. Strong Bad is the best! Now, my Biograhpy is: I like to play videogames, watch Strong Bad e-mail over, and over again. Watch TV. Play with friends. And all that junk. So, add a comment if you want to.

[edit] Favourite Characters

Yes, I made up a favourite character place. If you want to tell me your favourite please do it like this example:

Example: strongbadman

1. Strong Bad 2. The Cheat 3. Homestar Runner 4. Um, Sterrance?


1.blah blah blah!!!

Like the top one.

[edit] Ending

Okay, now you know about me. Please if you can leave a comment like I said in the beginning. Oh, and if you can do something with the favourite characters (like put yours on there) if you can.

[edit] Comments

Okay, this is where you can leave 'em. I'll try to get back to you (on here) as soon as possible!!!! Here's an example! Example: Hey, strongbadman! Great page! I like the picture of Strong Bad. Do you think we could talk some more over the Wiki Talk? Sincerly, Crap for Brains. I'll anwser like this: Dear Crap for Brains, yes I know it is a great page. Didn't you know that, man? DELETED!!! Seriously, if I don't like it, I will write DELETED!!!! I'm serious!


My name is Strong_Bad_Master. Why the crap would you make your freakin' comments here! It should be on the discussions page!

With Crap, Strong_Bad_Master

Strongbadman, Awesomeness....yeah!

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