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I'm important. I don't know why.

Here's some important everyday info:

  • Listen to Primus.
  • If you think you can make it along in life without a significant other, WAKE UP FASTER THAN I DID.
  • Listen to Rage Against the Machine.
  • If you're a republican, the internet's not for Republicans. Go away.
  • Listen to MC Hawking.
  • There's more to life than Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Besides, the new ones suck compared to the first one. It had a better soundtrack.Well, I guess Underground 1 was good, but other than that...
  • Listen to Dr. Dre, even if you don't think you like rap. Dr. Dre isn't rap. It's Gangsta Rap. New rap is crap.
  • That Laura Bush Daily Show thing was funny.
  • Listen to The E-Machines(my band, e-mail me for mp3's at
  • If you want to start a band, don't be serious. Then you're either Emo or crap. If you're Emo, get a life and quit crying about lost love that dumped you 9 years ago.
  • Listen to The Vandals.
  • Listen to Comedy. Might I suggest Mitch Hedberg or George Carlin.
  • Search "Obscure Band Names" on Google every once in a while, just to keep up on weird bands.
  • Finally, Listen to Group X.
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