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My name is Watersoup. My poopaw's name was Watersoup, too. Poopaw was a friend of The Homestar Runner. They spent a lot of time together convalescing the loss of their pets. Poopaw's spindle whorl worshed away in that storm. Poomaw told me it used to follow him wherever he went.

It's important to know that, while the males in our family are designed to contain "water soup", our name is "Watersoup".

I live in a cupboard in an apartment in Los Angeles. (Poopaw's cupboard was just a board and was not enclosed! Thank Campbell's for progress!) The apatment's only one room. The guy who owns the place is named... Jon... I think. There's rarely any other humans in the place and he talks to himself (in the third person) and inanimate objects a lot so it's hard to tell if he's referring to himself or his computer or his toe when he stubs it because he never cleans up.

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