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[edit] About me

My name is Sam. I'm a pretty nerdy guy. If you met me, got to know me a bit, you'd probably agree.

I first got in to H*R in late 2002. My friend showed it too me, and I couldn't stop laughing. What sucked is that my old computer didn't have a sound card, and therefore, no H*R. The next year, early 2003 to be exact, I finally got a new sound card. I immediatly got on H*R. I sat there for 2-3 hours catching up on what I missed. I've been hooked on H*R since.

[edit] Interests

I'm an old tech enthusiast. I prefer my old Commodore 64 over my new Gateway. :) I also enjoy programming, even though I suck at it. Haha, I probably need to study alot more. I'm also a freelance web designer, even though it's kind of bad, because I'm learning PHP, but pretty much all I can do is type up some lines in a WYSIWYG editor, add some fancy text formatting, frames, and whee. :P

I enjoy my friends also. Some of them are "Derr...what is a c0mput0r??", which makes them hard to talk to, because I usually have alot of thoughts in my mind, usually tech related. :) Although I have quite a few that are quite knowledgeable.

Oh, and of course, Homestar Runner.

[edit] Links

OSBetaArchive - A place to discuss operating system betas Nerdspeak - My forum, not much traffic..need some help. No pressure. :) Toothpaste For Dinner - Some heelarious cartoons. You've all been here before

[edit] Final Thoughts

That's about it. I'm probably going to be a bit more active on the forums, and probably on the IRC channel too. See you around.

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