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Hey, there. My name's Daniel. Most people know me as "Taco" or "that_taco_guy", and I'm the best Taco soft tacos can buy. I've been lurking on this Wiki for a few years now, and been lurking around H*R for awhile more. My first experience with Homestar Runner was with dragon, like a lot of people. Don't look now, I'm just a friendly reminder. Hopefully I can help around here.

[edit] Wait, who?


I'm currently learning how to be good at computers or something. I make websites sometimes and have silly projects, but my main focus is finishing a degree.
I lurk around in the IRC channels by "that_taco_guy" or "tacooooo" . Come say hi!

[edit] Wait, Un what?

UN TACO is a reference to caper, from the jumble in the Easter Egg. I normally identify myself as "taco", so that was the first logical thing I should call myself on here. Y'know? I do.

What'll ya have?

[edit] Wait, when?

Now, I guess?

[edit] Wait, where?

...uh... Right here, I'd assume? I mean, I live in Ecuador, which not a lot of people know about. It's like a hipster country, but not filled with hipsters. Yes, we were in the 2015 Superbowl Commercials. No, nobody cares.

[edit] Wait, how?


[edit] Wait, why?

Go... go home.

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