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Why hello? I dont do much on this web site. You probably dont even know who I really am. However I do use this web site quite abit, but refuse to edit any pages except this one because my spelling is so atrousious. Any dang way, I am a freak on h*r.. So this web page could be like, my life...

I do some EXTREMLY minor HTML and web design, so minor that I probably shouldn't even put it in here. However, I do tinker around with it more the the average gi joe. Fireworks is pretty much the second best thing to hrwiki. My duel monitors usually consist of fireworks in one, and a firefox brower in the other.

And if anyone wants me to make some coolish buddied icons, (animated or not), just message me your detailed request and i'll do my best.

[edit] Stuff

Cheatachu72, here is yours.


Dino guy, here's yours.






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