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This is a list of all plausible authorship claims, from various Strong Bad Emails. It is a page in progress, a kind of test page for now.

Strong Bad Email Claimer Additional Information
lures & jigs David Jacobus (IP Address) David Jacobus is still a resident of Astoria, NY which is in NYC. He is largely credited with being the individual who introduced H*R (while still in its infancy) to the student population at MIT in Cambridge, MA.
montage Porplemontage
animal Kerrek slaya
rock opera Davonian (In true author's stead) The real Anonymous Contributor is believed to be a student at Kenyon College, a small liberal arts college in the tiny but much-loved village of Gambier, OH. Many members of the Gambier community--mostly Kenyon students--made attempts to discover Anonny's true identity shortly after the email's release. However, true to his/her chosen monicker, the email's mysterious author has kept his/her identity unknown to the public. It is rumored that only Anonny's close friends have been made privy to this secret.
space program Ryan Sturmer
portrait NachoMan
japanese cartoon Dacheatbot He lives in Thousand Oaks and works at a EB Games near my house. I met him when I was browsing and wearing a Strong Bad Shirt.
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