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[edit] Me

Hey. I'm thesithwithashotgunshell. I have been a fan of h*r since 2003. The first thing I watched was the SBEmail mascot. I had to watch some more stuff, but once I did, I knew I would come back. From then on, I was a fan. I never find anything TBC does on the website stupid. It's hilarious. I'd never be able to hate the work of Matt and Mike.

I've also made some minor contributions to this wiki. Apart from making this page, I have added a section to the Crap page. It didn't say the part about keep cool. I also voted to accept the Jeeves thing for Drive-Thru.

I am also a member of Wookieepedia. I am I got a shotgun shell. Clearly, I have a mild obsession with shotgun shells. Whatever. I'm still awexome cross. It was from Wookieepedia that I learned the basics on creating links to other pages.

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