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[edit] It's Me!

Ya, so to start off, my name comes from the constant blinking of Homestar Runner. I hang around but nothing special. My dream is to become the best web animator ever so I LOVE Homestar!

[edit] the basics

To start, I just want to say, I'm still getting the hang of editing a Wiki, so I'm not that good. I also follow three main rules of life:

    Eat lots of pie
    Play TONS of video games
    And learn all you can

I also like doing what I call a "TRPG" (typed roll playing game) and I may set one up on my discussion page in a few days.

[edit] my fav quotes

Here are some qutes I love from the website:

  1. "and somebody's grabbin' my butt..."
  2. "daaaaaa, I'm a song from the sixties"
  3. "ooww, they're pointy now..."
  4. "oooohhh, trick or treat!"
  5. "stave it off, 123 and now you can count to three"
  6. "oh child! it's the TSOND (teal screen of near death)"

more to come

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