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[edit] General info

Name: Roxy
Birthday: Feb. 14, 1992
Favorite character: Strong Sad
Favorite toons: A Folky Tale, A Decemberween Pageant
Favorite SBemail: ghost
I contribute to the Fanstuff wiki too much for my own good.

Kinda like coffee.

Or fanfictions.

[edit] Homestar History

I first was introduced to Homestar Runner because everyone else was doing it in school. So I went on, and I watched a Strong Bad Email (don't ask me which one, It was too far back for me to remember). I thought his voice was annoying. So I ignored it for a few months, and by then everyone wasn't into it anymore. (The kids are kinda shallow at my school.) But one day I was bored, and surfing the internet. And I asked myself, "What was that website I went to before?" And I went on H*R, watched "part-time job" (because it was the newest email) and have been known as the Homestar Runner Fanatic of my school ever since. Except, now I'm in a new school, and a lot more Homestar fans go there. Yeah.

[edit] Why I owe TBC eternally

That's why. I'll love Them forever. =D

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