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[edit] Vital statistics

Wikiname: TJDevil02

Real name: Andy P.G. (either this or my user name will appear in a SBEmail sig)

  • From: Fairfax, VA (home of the Don and Mike Radio Show as well as the infamous George Mason University)
  • Height: 6'3
  • Male, 28
  • Single and looking

...wait, the gender proportion around here is most likely the same as Free Country, USA, so why am I making a personal ad?

[edit] About me

I came to this site from the TV Tropes Wiki at [[1]]. Over there, I'm somewhat famous as a wrestling fan and for adding random pieces of trivia. If there's an academic real-world reference, chances are I noted it. Indeed, I was a member of my university's varsity College Bowl team, 1998-2002, and was on the state championship team in Academics, 1998, for Virginia. (Would've been so in 1997, possibly, but it didn't exist then.)

I haven't done anything important on this wiki yet apart from some discussion I've started in various places. I lurked for quite some time before posting.

[edit] Homestar Opinions and Trivia

  • Favorite character: Strong Bad, though the Cheat comes a close second
  • First cartoon seen: email "the chair"
  • Favorite email: bottom 10
  • Favorite song: "Because It's Midnite" by Limozeen
  • Things from H*R that have entered my vernacular: "DELETED!", "(The Cheat noises)", "Are you asking for a challenge?"
  • Pet peeve: Needing to learn how to make this page cooler. Like, add pictures and wiki words... it's so much easier on TVTropes, man.
  • Favorite tinfoil-hatted theory about H*R: Homestar and Marzipan are brother and sister, and Marzipan pretends to be Homestar's girlfriend to keep the others from bothering her.
  • Character I'm most like: I used to be Coach Z until he took a long walk off a short creepy pier. Now I think I'm more of a male So-And-So.
  • Biggest contribution(s) to the Wiki: Primary author of the Strong Badia the Free Walkthrough

[edit] Other Opinions and Trivia

  • Favorite academic book: 1984, George Orwell
  • Favorite silly book: Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs, Dave Barry
  • Favorite sport: All of them
  • Favorite sporting team:
    • Baseball: New York Mets
    • Football, US: Washington Redskins
    • Football, European: Huddersfield Town, England (minor); Manchester United, England (major); USA Men (national)
    • Basketball: Utah Jazz
    • College sports: Duke University (Official motto: "Eruditio et Religio"; Unofficial motto: "Is it basketball season yet?")
  • Dream job: World Wrestling Entertainment (don't tell Strong Bad)
  • Dislikes: National politics, willful ignorance
  • Needs: A girlfriend, a life, and a better job
  • Official Mental Disorder: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (touch my Ritalin and die)
  • Favorite Autograph: Evan Scalzo, Fastball

[edit] Quotes of my Life

  • "But first, let us cultivate our garden." -- Candide in Candide by Moliere
  • "Nothing you can do that can't be done." -- John Lennon in "All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles
  • "You know, that would make a great name for a rock band." -- inspired by Dave Barry
  • "We're on a mission from God." -- Dan Aykroyd as Elwood Blues in "The Blues Brothers"
  • "Quick! To the Bat-(noun)!" -- Adam West as Batman in "Batman" (TV series)
  • "You always gotta be prepared, son. That's the key to life." -- Arn Anderson, to me, on April 1, 2000 (long story)

[edit] Final thought

Thank you to the Chapman Family for a great way to entertain, and for making a modern adult cartoon that is both funny and appropriate for all ages. Even my mom likes it!

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