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Dane here. I've been a fan of the site for three years, after first having found the site in a link on IGN's Metroid Board, when a user said he couldn't beat 'Craig' in about February. The problem was that the boss was actually a three-eyed, spiked lizard called Kraid. Of course, people started commenting that Kraid wasn't exactly a fierce name. Someone, as you would guess, responded, "Yeah, now a name like Trogdor the Burninator, that's majesty!" With that, they posted a link. I clicked it, and was entertained by Strong Bad's two attempts to draw a dragon. After deleting "sbemail58.html" from the URL, I started exploring the whole site, and so it began.

[edit] My Contributions

Mainly an assortment of typo fixes, rephrasings and the like, truth be told.

[edit] Major Contributions

video games -- DVD commentary transcript

date -- DVD commentary transcript

rock opera -- DVD commentary transcript

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