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Hi, I'm Stinkoblade. I like the Homestar Runner Wiki and Homestar quite a bit, spending several hours of one week in either/or/both. I often do homework to the styles of sbemail. Actually, it isn't as much as I used to, seeing everything on H*R at least 3 times makes it kinda unfun to do now.

Behold the mighty Stinkoblade! Errrr, well really just a big knife.

I have favorite characters among the universe, some of which might apply to everyone. They are:
Homsar, Strong Bad, Graw Mad, The Chort, Coach Z

There are also things I wish TBC had been more detailed with. I've sent an e-mail to SB once about these things (in the same one), the geography of Free Country USA and The Thnikkaman. If they ever answer it, I'll let you guys know. On a different note, I shortened to being just The Thnikkaman on 5/6/2007, in the hopes that an easier question would get a response. On 11/9/2007, I asked Strong Bad about saving Homestar from the Horrible Painting, it probably will not get answered.....and I found the drafts of my other 2 e-mails as well. Turns out Yahoo saves them automatically, go figure.


[edit] Personal Stuff

I live in Hudson, North Carolina (a black hole of cultural un-diversity), and am attending college as a sophmore. My real name is Josh and I am 18. My interests span the entire cosmos, from cooking to ancient mythology, with a deep and unbridled dislike of all things athletic. Despite that last tidbit, I can approach all subjects without intentional bias, giving good (or at least interesting if I can't help) advice based on my science/psychology background. You'd be surprised what you can do with a few years of intensive study.
I will be majoring in High School Physics Education w/ a double-minor in Psychology and Spanish as a second language. The greatest moments for me are moments of inspiration, regardless of when or how it happens. I write almost as much as I read, having time for neither during hardcore school weeks. I edit when I can, but all of you beat me to it.

[edit] 4th Wall Un-Breaks

I don't think that at least 2 of the 4th wall breaks are legitimate examples of that. If I notice more, I'll post them here first.
1.) Strong Sad's Character Video: Marzipan would have told him why it was being made, and that makes the entire character page a 4th wall break as an extension (because everyone knew or else they wouldn't describe themselves). All he did was say that he didn't want to while Marzipan made it seem like she wasn't recording, and I feel that doesn't justify it as a 4th wall break.

2.) SB E-mail "keep cool": His explanation has clearly been "dubbed" in after original filming, as he doesn't just turn around and say it. This means that he knows that his e-mails are being recorded and is actually taking time to film an explanatory segment for the uninformed or the people who should already know. This is added AFTER the entire e-mail was originally filmed, though it was a part of it when the e-mail was published. It was made for and thus directed toward the audience without being a part of the e-mail itself. Because he recognizes that his e-mail show is being recorded, this being counted as a 4th wall when it was made by TBC to appear separate from the rest of the e-mail is seemingly pointless, but I admit that by definition it counts. It also implies that every sbemail is a big 4th wall break, but that may be stretching it just a little.

[edit] The History of the Name

ME: It all started...
(fast-forwarding, then play clicks)
ME: ...and that's when I...
(fast-forwarding continues, play clicks again)
ME: I had finally found something worthy of joining,, and I needed a name that defined me. I chose the words Dark and Samurai to be the template for any and all applications thereafter. They fit me because, as I said earlier, I have a morbid sense of humor and have chosen to live in the style of Bushido. I decided I needed e-mail to go with this new freedom, so I ran to...
(tape skips and speech is garbled)
ME: ...and I was so sad. That was when I discovered, through my cousin showing me the sbemail 'dragon'. I thought it was the greatest thing I had ever seen, but I still lacked a home computer of my own. So I forgot. It took 2 years for me to get my own computer, but I didn't remember Homestar, so I guess I just wasted your time. It took another 2 years for me to find it, and it was because of the same cousin. I think 'Cool Things' was a few weeks old at the time, it was at the top of the New Stuff list. Another 6 months(or more) went by and I was at early March of 2007. I watched every sbemail and toon, which took a few weeks, and then I started randoming on The Lappy. I watched the sbemail 'coloring' and was extremely confused by pressed bunson, so i googled it and found The Wiki. All that was about 4 days of random and 15 minutes of google. I read through EVERY SINGLE SBEMAIL before I joined. If you are trying to keep track, that was May 4th that I finished. I had sent an e-mail to Strong Bad on the 9th of April, and to initiate my joining the Wiki on the 6th I sent one under my new surname. Hmm? What was that? I'm rambling? Whatever, man. you just interrupted me. Now...where was I...? Oh! Right, the birth of my surname. Well, I knew that Dark and all his aliases would be inappropriate for a site about happy good times. In that state of mind, I chose close similarities from within the universe. I chose Stinkoman because he good-heartedly insults everyone around him, much to their not being offended (Dark). And I chose The Big Knife to represent my warrior within, if you will (Samurai). That about covers it, thanks for purch-...
(stop click, then rewind begins)

[edit] Pages I have made

Trogdor: Let's Burninate Phonics on April 23rd, 2008 at 5:43PM EST

[edit] SBCG4AP Stats

Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner
Bought: 12:16PM EST, August 11th, 2008
Completed: 4:42PM EST, August 11th, 2008
100% complete (Trogdor Polo Chucker and all green stats on awesomeness page): 8:16PM EST, August 13th, 2008.

Episode 2: Strong Badia The Free
Stats TBA.

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